• Inpatient services

    The Physiotherapy Department provides daily services to patients admitted to the Hamilton Hospital on Monday to Friday.  Attendance requires an internal referral and is prioritised according to level of need.  See the Inpatient Physiotherapy Referral Criteria and Priority.

    Services include:

    • Sub-acute Rehabilitation and GEM
    • Mobility training and gait aid prescription
    • Post-op mobilization and chest care
    • Cardio-respiratory care
    • Postnatal checks and advice
    • Falls and balance management
    • Functional maintenance

    Outpatient services

    The Physiotherapy Department provides outpatient physiotherapy services to all members of the community.  A small fee is charged in line with Department of Health guidelines.  Concessions apply for those with a pension or Health Care Card.  A doctor’s referral is not required for normal outpatient services but will be required for all specialised services (*).  Treatment is by appointment only. Clients may be prioritised according to need in situations where demand for physiotherapy services exceeds our current capacity.  See the Outpatient Physiotherapy Referral Criteria and Priority.

    Services include:

    • General musculoskeletal consultations
    • Sporting injuries
    • General sprains and strains
    • Fractures
    • Neck and back pain
    • Arthritis
    • Mobility training
    • Falls and Balance program
    • Core strengthening/Back class
    • Community rehabilitation post stroke, trauma or surgery
    • Cardio-respiratory care
    • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
    • Lymphoedema management (*)
    • Aquatic physiotherapy (hydrotherapy)
    • Chronic Disease Management Programs in conjunction with HARP
      • Cardiac Rehabilitation (*)
      • Pulmonary Rehabilitation (*)
      • Heart Failure Program (*)
      • EPC, DVA, TAC and WorkCover treatments
      • Community education sessions


    Residential Aged Care

    The Physiotherapy Department provides visiting assessment and care planning services for residents within WDHS and local aged care facilities. Referral is made by the facility care manager.



    Internal referrals via Trakcare

    External agencies via SCTT or VSRF (preferred).

    Electronic referrals are accepted via email:

    Faxed referrals to: ‘Physiotherapy Department’ 03 5551 8383 or 03 5551 8548