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September 4, 2012

Hospital in the Home (HITH) is the provision of acute care to patients in their own home.  Clients are admitted to the program by their Medical Practitioner, who supervises care throughout the admission.  Sometimes Clients leave hospital early to continue their treatment on the program at home, or they may not need to come to hospital at all.

Clients are provided with quality care from nursing, medical and allied health professionals at all times.  The care is delivered by registered nurses from the District Nursing Service.  Clients will be provided with all information relevant to their medical condition to assist in making informed decisions about their care.

Clients should ensure that a telephone is available for immediate contact with members of the HITH Service or medical personnel.

Support for HITH clients is available by telephone 24 hours / 7 days a week.  Clients should ring the main hospital number. If it is between 8am and 8pm ask for the District Nurse. If after hours between 8pm and 8am ask to speak to the After Hours Coordinator.


  • If you have a dog / animal we request your cooperation in locking it away or restraining it when we are due to visit.
  • Please leave outside lights on if visits are due after dark.
  • Please notify the service if you are to be away on a visiting day. 

The Service is available for clients who reside in Hamilton and within an 11km radius; and within Coleraine including the area serviced by the District Nursing Service.  Special circumstances apply to people living in the outlying areas of Dunkeld, Penshurst and Cavendish.


Inpatient referrals can be sent via TrakCare; to be preceded by a phone call.

Outpatient or community client referrals are accepted from medical practitioners.  A written referral from the doctor is necessary if any medical treatment is required. 


Hamilton House
Allied Health Centre
Tyres Street
Hamilton, Vic 3300

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