Community Rehabilitation Centre

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The Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) is funded by the Victorian Department of Health.  Services are time-limited and delivered according to a care plan that is based on goals negotiated with the client and their carer(s).  The services should form part of an integrated team, working with clients where it best suits their need and preference for treatment and recovery.

To maximise the opportunity for care continuity, community rehabilitation services are delivered in either the client’s home (home-based) or at a centre (centre-based).  The catchment area is the Glenelg and Southern Grampians Shire.  Eligibility and acceptance into the program is determined by the CRC Care Coordinator. 


  • Inpatients via Trakcare - These referrals are only applicable whilst the patient is in hospital.
  • Other health professionals via Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT).
  • External referrals from GP’s, Physicians or other community based services will be received in either electronic or paper based, preferably using SCTT or the Victorian Statewide Referral Form (VRSF).
  • Self-referral from any member of the community can seek the services of the Assessment and Care Coordination Team without a written referral.


Last updated: 18 February, 2016