Cousins born on the same day

CLiaison's picture July 21, 2017


Sisters Nastassja Lewis and Sasskia Bastock both remarkably had baby boys on the same day at Hamilton Base Hospital this week.

Kayden Lewis was born just after midnight and little Arthur Bastock at around 10am on Wednesday morning.

“Our due dates were two weeks apart, so we’d joked about having our babies on the same day, but we didn’t actually expect it to happen.

Arthur was five days late and Kayden was nine days early.

The Midwives were really on the ball and ended up delivering Kayden, who had a timetable all of his own,” Nastassja said.

It’s certainly made it very convenient for our family and friends to visit us both in hospital at the same time,” Sasskia said.

We really want to thank the Doctors, midwives and all of the support staff who  were amazing,” Sasskia said.