Diabetes Education

  • The WDHS Diabetes service supports people with type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes.  The service supports a multidisciplinary approach to care with effective diabetes management coordinated by the individual, their GP, diabetes educator, dietitian, podiatrist as well as other local and specialist healthcare providers as required.

    It is recommended that a person with diabetes visits their diabetes educator at least every 12 months to review their management.

    WDHS supports the Medicare Allied Health Initiative that allows eligible people with diabetes to access Medicare rebates for allied health services under a Chronic Disease Management plan, developed by their general practitioner.

    Home visits can be arranged where necessary for people who are unable to attend the centre due to functional or mobility issues.


    Referrals are accepted from medical practitioners and other health professionals. Individuals may self-refer.

    Last updated 06/02/2018